Author’s Guide


Contributions are invited from scholars and specialists in the social sciences and related disciplines. Contributions are considered for publication on the understanding that they have not already been published elsewhere. And, if they are simultaneously being considered for publication elsewhere, this should be made known to the Managing Editor when they are submitted for consideration for publication.

Manuscripts submitted to the journal should not normally exceed 30 pages of A4 paper, typed double space and on one side of the sheet, with a margin of one inch on all sides.

Authors should indicate their full name, academic status, address and current institutional base on separate covering page since all manuscripts submitted to the Annals are sent out anonymously and confidentially to external assessors for peer review. An abstract of the paper, not more than two hundred words should be included along with key words in the paper.

Statistical tables, maps and diagrams should boldly be prepared to permit reproduction and are sequentially numbered in order in which they are referred to in the text. Please note that no horizontal and vertical rules are necessary in tables.

Notes should appear in the main text.

Reference Format: The adopted reference format is the Harvard reference format. This notwithstanding, the Annals will also accept foot notes along with the Harvard format in  humanities/law related papers/reports

References should be arranged alphabetically as follows:

Ajayi, F.F.Ade (2001) Towards an African Renaissance in the 21st Century, Distinguished CBAAC Lecture.

Ekeh, P.P. (1975) Colonialism and the two Publics in Africa: A Theoretical Statement, Comparative Studies in History and Society, 19(1), 91112.

Mabogunje, A.L. (1980) The Development Process: A Spatial Perspective, London: Hutchinson University Library.