Annals of the Social Science Academy of Nigeria 22(1) 2018/19                             DOI: 10.36108/ssan/191802.22.0140

Gender and Inequalities in Access to Formal Education in Nigeria
Adam Adem Anyebe


It is on record that the scourge of poverty is more pronounced on the female gender than male in Nigeria. Education which is known worldwide as an instrument of development has not been sufficiently accessed by Nigerian women. Fewer women apply for entry to universities as a result of fewer girls completing secondary education and this problem has its roots in primary school. Men have greater access to high-paying, secure employment than women. This paper therefore attempts to examine the relationship between gender and inequalities in access to formal education in Nigeria. Education for women and girls at all levels, therefore, should aim at reversing the trend of gender discrimination by ensuring full empowerment of women in the true sense of raising their status.

Keywords: Inequalities, Livelihoods, Education, Poverty, Women, Girl-child, Gender differential, Empowerment